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Store all your documents, code snippets, how-tos, guides & guidelines in one place. Retrieve in a few keystrokes. Share as required , when required , & only with the relevant people.

What is it?

Knowhup is a technical wiki for collecting, storing and retrieving gists, notes, code snippets,design documents, process documents, etc.

Who is it for?

Knowhup is for use by freelancers, individual software developers, and software development teams

Why use it?

Knowhup provides the ability to recall whatever information is required, whenever required, increasing efficiency of your work and quality of your code.

Markdown Based Editor
Quickly create and edit documents using markdown. Knowhup fully supports github markdown syntax.
Tag System
Add tags to your documents for easy categorization and search.
Multiple Teams
Create as many teams as you like, and invite your fellow developers to be teammates. Create and share documents with different teams at the same time.
Public Documents
Any document can be made public. This document can then be accessed by anyone with the permalink!
Powerful Search
Search for tags, titles, or content. Comprehensive search that ensures that you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.
Edit History
See the edit history of all the documents in your team, along with the edited content.
Use Cases
Process Documents
Document code processes and best practices for your softwares,like the structure or design of your program for hassle free programming
Describe how best to accomplish a particular task, like using your APIs, or working or your server
Describe the steps and sequence for completing a specific job, like compiling code, deploying code, etc.
Dos and Don'ts
Describe how not to crash programs and systems, or how to optimize them!
Code Snippets
Record all your code snippets so that your team mates don't spend time reinventing the wheel
General Documentation
Document the general information about your programs - like the thought process, the inspiration and the vision behind it's design so that you and your team are equally motivated and committed.
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